About Us

Anne George – Director

With 20 years of director-level experience in HR and talent acquisition with a national consultancy in South Africa and 5 years of international experience, Anne has always been obsessed with delivering service of the highest standards.

She was a key driver in growing Quest Staffing Services to be the largest consultancy in SA at that time. One of the most significant enablers to such success in her 20 year tenure was her ability to identify and groom talent to lead what was then a highly entrepreneurial environment.

Today, the results of her mentorship and coaching are found in top leadership positions in corporate SA and many others have formed their own flourishing businesses.

Anne’s particular passion is in the arena of gender balancing and her international contacts in this field are invaluable when it comes to staying abreast of proven methods.  No business has yet achieved successful gender balancing globally as this is a complex challenge involving significant social change, but there are definitely superior and inferior approaches to this opportunity.  Anne’s role is to guide companies along the paths that offer the maximum chance for outstanding results.


Denise Thomas – Director

Denise has been a corporate executive, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, and solopreneur.

Her career in recruitment and staffing started in 1984. She loved the pace, the people and the precipitous learning path in the industry and those have remained the ingredients that have kept her love affair with the industry fuelled.

Providing global talent solutions to clients became a niche area of expertise and as Director of Recruitment for a 2 000 employee healthcare company in California, she responded to the dire shortage of talent by transplanting people from 4 continents to live in the USA. She implemented a global solution that was pivotal in IBM’s decision to give KELLY their “Partner of the Year” award.  Solutions for talent mobilization in Africa using over a dozen alliance and network partners from Suriname to Seattle, were at the heart of Denise’s contribution to KELLY’s considerable growth at the time.

An interim phase as part of the Executive of Quest, now the largest white collar staffing company in SA, gave her the opportunity to redesign the resourcing hubs nationally, and consolidate marketing and sales when Quest and Emmanuels merged. A natural progression to business coaching and leadership development is her current all-consuming passion.

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