Business Coaching makes good sense

What is a business coach? What services do they offer? Will I benefit from a business coach?

Doubtful whether having a SkillsSource Coach or Mentor would help you?

Business coaching

Business owners and managers often struggle to keep up with the demands of day to day management while still growing the business in an ever changing and highly competitive market.

Business coaching keeps the balance.

As the world of business moves faster and gets more competitive, the implementation of the
small critical steps to success gets more and more difficult to achieve amid the noise and
clutter of day to day operations.

Having a business coach is not a magic formula. Instead, it is a guarantee that all the small strategies critical for success, are put in place and:

  • Integrated into the business culture
  • Implemented in an accountable manner
  • Utilised by the business coach to move a company from surviving to thriving by paying attention to the details that matter.

Business owners!

Overwhelmed?  Too many things on your mind and too many challenges to meet? Working ‘in’ your business when you know you need to be working ‘on’ the business?

Are these the things occupying your mind?

  • Growing top-line sales
  • Reducing costs
  • Positive cashflow
  • Competitor innovation
  • Losing customers

We’ve been there ourselves, and have experienced those sleepless nights too. So what is our solution? What we needed ourselves in the past is what we offer you now:

  • That extra pair of eyes, that objective viewpoint and business savvy
  • Support and accountability to achieve success on your terms

Why SkillsSource?

  • Proven skills in taking people from where they are to where they want to be
  • A passion for aligning aspirations and helping business owners achieve defined goals
  • A talent for generating fresh ideas to keep you ahead of your competitors
  • Ability to guide you through the isolation of self employment
  • Decades of commercial exposure at executive level and as a business owner
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