Coaching and mentoring health check

Business Management Health Check

Welcome to our online survey. By completing the 30 questions below, you will receive a quick ‘health check’ on the overall wellness of your management of your business.

What is a Business Coach?

  • Guides and supports a business owner
  • Assists with putting the right metrics, technology and systems into place
  • Helps you focus on strategic planning and your urgent priorities
  • Provides knowledge, encouragement and support

What services does a Business Coach offer?

  • Assistance with sales and marketing
  • Putting the right metrics into place
  • Providing staffing and organizational structure solutions
  • Technology advice
  • Ensuring you have the right tactics in place to execute your strategy

Will I benefit from a Business Coach?

A Business Coach:

  • Helps you keep up with the changes in your industry
  • Will hold up a mirror to your business and offer an accurate reflection
  • Will help you develop long and short term goals and strategies
  • Will be held accountable for the results of your business

Take the following free Skillssource Health Check Test. We will contact you to discuss your scores and assist you in your decision.

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