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Elegant leaders

We know that our coaching and mentoring of your leadership style will result in a significantly better future for your business than would have been possible without this input.

We believe that leadership means creating a significantly better future than would have been possible without a leader. A good leader, either in a corporate company or a small business, creates something out of nothing – and the results are significant. A leader matters: organisations should see that without the contribution of a good leader, results would not have been nearly as impressive.

Our business and executive coaching is based on the real meaning of ‘leadership’ – namely, how to guide, direct and influence people for the highest good of all concerned. Today, the word ‘leadership’ is almost meaningless. We tell workers to display leadership by having a good attitude and showing up on time. We call training in basic supervisory skills ‘leadership’.

And when people do exert leadership, they are often sloppy about it. Many sacrifice relationships. Some compromise ethics. Others exhibit all sorts of disagreeable behaviours. Still others fail to think rigorously about the right strategy or course of action. We excuse this sloppiness by arguing that results justify the means.

‘Elegant Leadership’ tolerates neither watered-down definitions of leadership, nor sloppiness.

What are the highlights of our 15 module programme?

  • Leaders are often advised to look at themselves in the mirror. This training suggests what they should be looking for and what to do about what they see.
  • It provides the kind of practical learning most managers are unable to master in a life-time of practice
  • The practical advice given to mentor a leader through complex decisions will result in dramatically increased leadership productivity
  • It’s a simple, clear blueprint to value-based leadership – it’s a high touch approach that is badly needed in this high-tech world
  • The programme is unusual in that is combines two essential elements – helping the manager to simultaneously improve the bottom line while enhancing employee satisfaction

Who would benefit most from our leadership training programme?

Our programme is not for everyone – it’s only for leaders with real courage. It asks hard questions –
participants need to assess themselves honestly, ask for advice, make difficult choices, and change ineffective behaviours.

The pay-off?

For those with the necessary courage, the rewards are huge – leaders will achieve better results in less time, with stronger professional relationships, and with greater personal and professional fulfillment.

Our programme:

Our coaching and mentoring programme provides simple, practical and powerful strategies and tools to help you lead elegantly. It offers frameworks, worksheets, questions and assessments that will help leaders clarify their thinking, expand their skills, and get better responses from their colleagues. Each module focuses on a different aspect of elegant leadership.

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