Leaders can be coached

Developing good leaders and managers in our country is one of the highest priorities of both the public and the private sectors.

Never before in the history of our country has management training, mentorship and leadership development been more important than now; this applies to both the public and private sectors.  In South Africa, we are navigating uncharted waters, with our own complex set of circumstances. While this is exciting, it also means that we urgently need many elegant leaders. A definition of elegant is: “pleasingly ingenious and simple“.

How does that fit in with our method of leadership coaching and mentoring?

We help to coach ingenious business and government leaders who have simple strategies.

Many leaders of yesterday proved to have clay feet and a penchant for the good life, and were part of the global financial ruin. Gone are the days of Trump-style personality leaders, power wielding autocrats or leaders who reign with no regard for “walking the walk”. Even worse, there is no room for leaders who are unable to see the way clearly and bumble along with confused followers.

This is why we take so seriously our role of coaching leaders and managers to be truly effective at guiding, directing and influencing people for the highest good of all concerned. We believe that leadership means creating a significantly better future than would have been possible without a leader.

Leadership training is currently widely offered by many firms. Training definitely has a place in leadership development, but it is coaching and mentoring that creates a robust programme and helps permeate leadership principles throughout an organization.

Who is our leadership programme aimed at?

Our future leaders need to have courage! Our coaching programme asks hard questions and participants need to assess themselves honestly, ask for advice, make difficult choices, and change ineffective behaviours.

The pay-off?

For those with the necessary courage, the rewards are huge – leaders will achieve better results in less time, with stronger professional relationships, and with greater personal and professional fulfillment.

Our leadership development programme:

Our 15 module leadership coaching programme provides simple, practical and powerful strategies and tools. It offers frameworks, worksheets, questions and assessments that will help leaders clarify their thinking, expand their skills, and get better responses from their colleagues.

The fifteen modules in our programme:

  • Can be customized per client company and the needs of each leader
  • Provide the kind of practical learning most managers are unable to master in a life-time of practice
  • Combine two essential elements – helping the manager to simultaneously improve the bottom line while enhancing employee satisfaction.

What has been said of this programme:

  • Leaders are often advised to look at themselves in the mirror. This training suggests what they should be looking for and what to do about what they see.
  • The practical advice given to guide a leader through complex decisions will result in dramatically increased leadership productivity.

We welcome an opportunity to discuss our ‘high touch’, highly effective leadership development programme with you.

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