Talent Acquisition Strategy

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Consulting:

As an HR Executive, do you believe that your Talent Acquisition Team is operating at optimum levels? If it is, you will be able to answer ‘yes’ to the following questions:

  • We fill all vacancies timeously and with the appropriate skills.
  • We do not need to rely on external agencies and do not pay out any recruiting fees.
  • We treat all candidates applying to our organization with dignity, and use our talent acquisition team to help build the company brand.
  • Line Management, our internal customer, is completely happy with the service provided by our talent acquisition team
This is where we come in – as professionals specializing in the field of talent acquisition, our business is consulting on strategic design which could include coaching internal departments to become more efficient and effective.
Is there still room for improvement?
  • Coaching internal departments
  • Ensuring that the correct staff are recruited and appropriately trained
  • Ensuring that staff are managed for optimal results
  • Looking at the type of remuneration to motivate internal consultants
  • Putting in place the right metrics for daily review
  • Accessing the technology and ensuring it’s suitabillity
It’s a tall order, but we’re uniquely positioned to achieve outstanding results.
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