“I love the coaching sessions! While I am a very committed person and work well when it comes to self-motivation, starting a business is a totally different ball game! The sessions are great because they give me a timeline and keep me on my toes – it’s great to have firm deadlines.”

“As for the actual process – I am finding your business knowledge really invaluable. I know about what I do but I also know that I don’t have the business experience that I desperately need, so every discussion we have is a learning process for me that I am applying to my thinking and actions. It like being in being in school again, and I simply LOVE learning!”

“I am getting so much value from our sessions. I find you’ve very understanding and you give me the impression that I am very important to you.  This is truly a great feeling after working solo for so long. You also take action and get things done, which is really awesome. Also, I feel that I can be honest with you, because I trust you completely.”

Loren Stowe – Owner and Founder – We.Can.Talk


“What an interesting time and what a fabulous return you have brought about in the project. From day one you made an impact on the business. Your energy, your enthusiasm and your quick grasp on what needed to be done has benefited us greatly.

You have achieved what we set out to do and I know that the team will be able to build on the foundation you have laid. I would sincerely like to work with you again.”

Lee Young – COO Charisma


“Denise from SkillsSource was a pleasure to work with. She is very perceptive and sensitive to a client’s needs. I found Denise to be very creative and in tune with current trends in the market. I would recommend her to any person or company wanting evaluate their business with the view to develop a marketing strategy.”

Pieter Greyling – Owner – Paint and Equipment


“Denise has worked with Quest as the Executive in charge of our strategic projects. Denise was tasked to undertake a full diagnosis of our Resource Centre. She conducted a detailed analysis of this environment with utmost diligence and inclusiveness. Her findings and subsequent recommendations resulted in a total turnaround of the culture and the way of work within the organisation. She instituted some key metrics and sound practices that would set us apart from the competition.

She is an astute businesswoman, highly conceptual, cognitive and pragmatic. She was appointed in November 2011 to re-engineer our Marketing and Sales department. She structured the business with key people, introduced innovative marketing and sales strategies.

Due to her influence I believe Quest is poised to take on the growth that we have set going forward. She is a great leader, team player and colleague with the highest ethical standards. She is a vibrant and energetic person, who will be an asset to any organisation. She will leave a gaping hole in our organisation. We regret her departure.”

Kay Vittee – MD-Quest Staffing Solutions


“Denise Thomas is one in a million. On meeting with Denise you will be blown away immediately as a result of her energy and intensity. To date Denise has contributed immensely in positioning Quest Staffing Solutions for the future in order to conquer the battle for profitable business,the battle for new business development and the battle for better service to all internal /external stakeholders.

In addition she has managed to leave a legacy of leading, learning and loving with the sole purpose of enabling those around her to lead for impact, learn for improvement and love to live.  Meet with her and become an active participant in this story…”

David Hood,  Recruitment Manager, African Bank


“Denise Thomas has unique and easily definable strengths. I will describe them in bullet point

  • Interpersonal Skills: Friendly, persuasive, friendly, warm, open.
  • General Characteristics: Driven, logical, tenacious, self confident, intelligent, intuitive, intellectual, logical and thorough.
  • Ethics: Integrity, trustworthy.
  • Business Approach Creative: Visionary, inspirational, lateral thinking, big picture thinker, Cohesive.
  • Leadership Strategic: collaborative, proactive, decisive, inspirational, charismatic, creative.
  • Denise has the power to transform ordinary into extraodinary. Her track record speaks for itself and so do the people, whos companies and lives, she transformed.”

Penny de Villiers – Leap Consulting


“I worked closely with Denise during the tendering, evaluation and deployment stage of our enterprise ATS at Quest. Denise was a dream to work with — indefatigable, imaginative, brilliant, ethical and highly strategic in her thinking.

Without Denise, our project simply would not have succeeded. She drove a hard but livable bargain; she was able to obtain from us features we were not sure at the time we could deliver but ultimately with her help we did — in full and on time. She intuitively sensed what would be needed from within her organization, from a human resources and IT perspective, and tirelessly worked with others throughout to procure and make it available.

I could not recommend Denise more highly.”

Dan Duic – CEO, MPX / Mindscope Group of Companies


“I worked with Denise for one year in my role as Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing. Denise’s value and role went way beyond her positional title. She was considered part of the sr. management team and her inputs, insights and recommendations were sought after and valued by our sr. mgt team.

She helped us to work through and find good solutions to many very sensitive human capital issues during her employment at Ciera. I would highly recommend Denise to any prospective employer.”

Carl Kikerpill – Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, Ceira Technologies


“Working with Denise has been a privilege. Denise is a veritable whirlwind – and she never stops! It is wonderful having her as a support system, pushing me to accept change and move out of my comfort zone and in so doing, helped me find my passion for my job again. For that I am eternally grateful.”

Michelle Archary, TRAC Manager


“We have been touched by your expertise, knowledge and drive. What a whirlwind of good ideas and things. Thank you for believing that we have what it takes on this track to the future. I will miss your, ‘so here’s the thing’, and ‘make sense’, but most of all I will miss your understanding, empathy and mentoring.”

Enid Van Heerden, TRAC Manager 



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